Notes for the Babysitter

Thanks so much for agreeing to watch our little bundle of joy. Here are a few notes to help make communicating with our 22 month old a little easier.

-"On" means he wants something on. Unless it's already on. Then "on" means off.

-"Wawie" means water. Now, he can pronounce the "RRR" sound. Just not here. Or with flower. That's "flowie."

-And, again, he can say the letter R. As in "Cackor." Which is "cracker." Except when it isn't. Sometimes he means "tractor." Rely heavily on context cues. He has 9 tractors and four kinds of crackers to choose from. Good luck.

-"Cookie" refers to his stuffed cookie monster. "Cakey" refers to either cake or cookie and gets louder with increased intensity as you try to hide it from him or eat it faster.

-If you see the lights in the other room flash repeatedly, don't fear. It just means that he has pushed his chair, drum, the end table etc. over to the light switch. You will hear "On!" with each flip.

-We're working on manners, so encourage "please." Like "Cackor, PEESE!" You will never hear thank you. And if he says it to you first....pretend like it never happened :)

-He's started saying "Sorry" complete with the sign language gesture, and a lateral lisp that's so adorable, you will want him to slap you in the face again so that you can hear it again.

-He'll answer any question you ask him. "Are you ready for a nap?...Can you stop banging on the window?...Do you want to stop flashing the lights?"  But we should warn you that his "Yes" and "No" in no way represents his true desires. He's kind of like a toddling Magic Eight Ball. You might get the answer you want, but it doesn't mean a hill of beans.

-"Poopa" means "I have soiled my pants." "Puppa" means his dog. "Puppa Uh-Oh!" means he dropped the dog. "Poopa, Uh-Oh!" means something else entirely and I apologize in advance if you hear this. There are more wet wipes upstairs.

Thanks again for agreeing to watch our baby. He's dressed as a pirate and ready for action.


Amy said…
Jenny, this is a riot. I totally laughed out loud. So precious and fun--what a sweet way to preserve memories of this stage :)