12 months

Sweet baby boy. you turned one year old on March 28th 2013.
  • you love to eat (as long as it's something you like.) you are not a fan of green veggies anymore. LOVE any kind of fruit and are eating more and more finger food instead of purees. 
  • LOVE crackers. in fact it's your favorite word "cacker?" adorable.
  • are sleeping through the night. hallujah. like,  the whole night. I can go to bed at 10 and stay in bed til you get up with daddy around 6. 
  • wear 12 month clothes on the bottom and are starting to wear 18 month clothes on top. 
  • took your first few steps a week before your birthday and you are SO, so proud of yourself when you walk. You start to clap your hands and howl :)
  • you only walk to nathan or me....haven't gotten the hang of walking just to get to where you want to go.
  • Grandma and Grandpa came for your birthday and man oh man do you love your grandma. Grandpa got the only kisses but you would flirt and choose grandma over me. You would even cry when she left the room.
  • you now say "Dada" "Mama" "Tedy" "Yes" and "cracker" You also started to say "Na-na-na" when we tell you no....so I don't think that's very effective.
  • your favorite toys are you tool set from Auntie Casey and your little pets.
  • favorite books are "goodnight moon" "bedtime teddy" and your peek-a-boo book
  • you push the furniture around. I don't know why but it makes you so happy.
  • When you see our neighbors dogs from the window you start to bark at them.