I'm Jenny author of a passing glimpse.

I started writing here all the way back in 2007 to keep family and friends updated as we traveled across the country. Part wonderlust, part quarter life crisis. My husband and I quit our jobs, bought a mini-van, packed all our belongings into storage and spent over three months traveling the country.

After that, expecting to settle down, we realized that our journey has never really stopped. In a way, we are still living in our van. We went from a small apartment in a big city, to a townhouse in a small midwest city, to our first home in that same city, and finally to a century old parsonage in a tiny Iowa farm community. We've borne disability, infertility, job loss, and a drawn-out adoption. Through it all, God has been good. So good.

So here we are, our little family of three. Trying to find peace instead of perfection, beauty in brokenness, and the loveliness of a handmade life. Thanks for passing by.